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What just 10 years ago was unheard of can now be accomplished with the help of UAV's (unmanned aerial vehicles - drones) much more efficiently, cost effectively, and with very few safety liability concerns.  

Drones can also be dangerous if not properly operated, or used for the wrong purposes. That's why in the United States all usage of drones are tightly regulated by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). Under the risk of paying hefty fines and incarceration, a commercial operator must be certified by FAA, every single drone heavier than a candy bar must be registered, and all operational and safety rules must be followed.


This is where Air America comes in! We have the experience, hold all required governmental licenses and other certifications such as UAV Night Operations, COA, RCP, and soon to be certified by FLIR Infrared Training Center. We are also fully insured to $1 million, but it could go up to upon client request.

With the right tools as well as the knowledge of being involved in the RC industry since 1996, and drones since the beginning, we can get the job done right, every time!

We are here to help. We will listen carefully and patiently to your needs, so that you get exactly you you want, when you need it.

From real estate photos, and video to roofs, and cell tower inspections we can customize our services to your needs.

We can fly your mission usually within a day, or two (weather permitting), and you have all your deliverables the next day, or even the same day in some cases!



            Owner, and pilot.


"I think my passion for aviation came from being born in an Air Force military base, and spending all of my childhood seeing and hearing the airplanes on a daily basis. Flying is my hobby disguised as a job, and I love it! "

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