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You will never find one of these, not even from DJI. It's a temperature adjustable, computer-controlled, self-heating, 9000 mAh battery mod for all Inspire 1 drone models.

I've got another 30-minute battery mod like this already, but after receiving a picture from a client with hand warmers taped to his battery to warm it up, I decided to come up with a solution.


The heating feature can be turned on and off with a push of a button and the thermostat can be adjusted to the desired heating temperature. There's an LED that turns red to tell you the battery is being heated then it goes off when the set temperature is reached. It warms up quickly and the amount of energy it uses is negligible.


The battery is the same 22.8V HV LiPo 9000mAh + pack that lasts about 30 minutes when hovering with an X3 camera installed. Flight time will be reduced if using heavier payloads, obviously. The entire set with the DJI "head" weighs just under 1000g.


You get everything you need to get your drone up and flying. Self-heating 9000mAh battery, programmed "head", all brackets, and straps.


Check out this YouTube video about it....


These will be custom-made, so the lead time will be about a week.


Please do ask questions, especially if you thinking of placing an order.


Happy flying!


Excluding Sales Tax
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