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Please read it all before placing an order.


Do not throw these expensive batteries away, have them repaired right here in the good old USA for a fraction of the cost of a new one.


I've been repairing electronics for decades, and I have successfully repaired hundreds of DJI smart lithium batteries.


They can go bad in a few ways:

1. Cells will go bad due to overcharge/discharge, or poor maintenance.

2. There are two circuit boards; one attached to the cells, and another where the chips are. Either can fail.

3. Software issues. Under certain conditions - including the ones above - a permanent error will be stored in the battery's computer which prevents it from being used, charged, or discharged. 

It's also common for batteries to become "cricket" after failed firmware updates.

4. Water damage. A battery pack that has been water-damaged can not be repaired.


Once received your pack is disassembled and each cell is cycled 3 times and then tested. If they pass then it's all put together and the battery management system is reprogrammed.  


After the repairs are done all batteries are bench-tested and test flown.


If they cannot be fixed, I will NOT charge you, and you will get 100% of the service cost refunded immediately!

You have a choice of sending them in and paying afterward. If you decide to go that route be sure to include your contact information in the box.

You'll find the address at the bottom of every page on this site.


This charge is for the service ONLY, not a battery, and shipping is NOT included.


When shipping them, try to avoid the post office as some clerks may give you a hard time. I found the easiest shipper to deal with is usually UPS.

It costs me about $9 to ship up to four batteries back.


This should cover it all, but please don't hesitate to contact me should you have any questions.


Please disregard the following: DJI battery batteries drone phantom 4 standard pro plus + obsidian advanced  v2.0 Mavic inspire fix repair sale broken bricked dead  15.2v 5870 5350 mah high capacity intelligent flight original genuine quad 


Excluding Sales Tax
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